The Texas Notary Public Online Training Academy

Texas Notary Public Online Training Academy was designed to educate current Texas Notaries Public, and those interested in learning the laws, rules and regulations governing the Texas Notary Public in an online environment.

The Texas Notary Public Online Training Academy offers:

  • Live Hands-on, Instructor-led Interactive Webinar training
  • Self-Paced Online, Instructor-led Pre-Recorded training.
  • Self-Paced Online,  Instructor-led Webinar Playbacks.

We provide in-depth training for Texas Notaries Public, Texas Notary Signing Agents.

We also offer mentoring programs and one on one training.  Click here to learn more.

Online Training Offered for the following Courses:

  1. Texas Notary Public Training Workshop
    1. Live Webinar Training
    2. Self-Paced Online, Instructor-led Webinar Playback
    3. Self-Paced Online, Instructor-led Recording
  2. Texas Notary Public Advance Course
    1. Live Webinar Training
    2. Self-Paced Online, Instructor-led Webinar Playback
    3. Self-Paced Online, Instructor-led Recording
  3. Texas Notary Public Training Workshop & Advanced Course Bundle
    1. Live Webinar Training
    2.  Self-Paced Online, Instructor-led Webinar Playbacks
    3. Self-Paced Online, Instructor-led Recording
  4. Texas Notary Public Professional Loan Signing Agent Course (LSAC)
    1. Live Webinar Training
    2. Live Webinar Training w/Mentorship Option
    3. Self-Paced Online, Instructor-led Training
    4. Self-Paced Online, Instructor-led Training w/Mentorship Option

90 Day Payment Plans Available 

**No payment plans are currently available for Texas Notary Public stand-alone courses.

You will need to contact us to enroll in any 90 Day Payment Plan. Call us at (210)343-5007 or email us at:,

or go to our Texas Notary Public Online Training Academy site:

Our online training academy offers:  

Notary Public training specific to the state of Texas.  This means our training follows rules and laws that govern Texas Notaries. 

What You Will Learn

Texas Notary Public Training Workshop

  • How to become a Texas Notary Public
  • Reasons for Rejection/Suspension/Revocation
  • Duties of a Texas Notary Public
  • Authorized Notarial Fees
  • Recordkeeping Requirements (Notary Journal)
  • Notary Responsibilities
  • How to complete notarial certificates
  • The difference between an Affidavit and Jurat
  • How to handle Certified Copies
  • How to administer an Oath
  • What you cannot do
  • Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL)
  • And more.

Texas Notary Public Advanced Training Course 

  • Notarizing For Signers With Disabilities
  • Adding Notarial Certificates
  • How to Handle Handwritten Documents
  • Proper Record Keeping
  • Notarizing Documents Requiring Witnesses
  • Avoiding Official Misconduct
  • Notarizing Documents in Foreign Languages
  • Notarizing Translations
  • Signing With a Power of Attorney
  • Incompetent Signers
  • Credible Witnesses
  • Advertising
  • And more.

Who should take these courses?

Current Texas Notaries Public (as a refresher), current Texas Process Servers for Continuing Education, and those interested in becoming a Texas Notary Public.

Why should you enroll in these courses?

A Texas Notary Public is personally liable for negligence or fraud in the performance of the duties of the office. The Notary Public assumes personal liability for the full extent of damages caused by a breach of his or hers’ official duty. In addition to civil liability, Texas Notaries Public may be subject to criminal prosecution and the revocation or suspension of their notary public commission by the Texas Secretary of State’s office.

There are currently no requirements for any type of “Formal Training” for Texas Notaries Public. However, as you will learn in this course, Texas Gov’t. Code Ann. § 406.009 gives the Texas Secretary of State the authority to reject an application, or suspend or revoke the commission of any Notary Public for “good cause”. “Good Cause” includes:

  • • – the failure to comply with Section 406.017;
  • • – a final conviction for a violation of law concerning the regulation of the conduct of notaries’ public in this or another state;
  • • – the imposition on the notary public of an administrative, criminal, or civil penalty for a violation of a law or rule prescribing the duties of a notary public;

This means that even though there are no requirements for formal training, a Texas Notary Public is still expected to know and more importantly follow the laws and regulations governing his or her commission.

By the way, what is not mentioned above are the monetary fines that can also be imposed if any of the laws are violated. So, not only can a Texas Notary Public loose his or her commission, the individual could be looking at some pretty hefty fines depending on the severity of the violation committed (and believe me, this does happen).

Unfortunately, the excuse “I didn’t know” does not come into play. Before you start notarizing documents, it is your responsibility to learn the rules and regulations governing your Texas Notary Public commission.

DISCLAIMER: Completion of this course does not award you a Texas Notary Public Commission.

Why Take Online Training

I get a lot of requests from potential students throughout the state of Texas asking:

“Will you be doing any training in my area?”

The short answer is “I hope so”.  Trying to coordinate dates when people can attend training, along with finding a venue with equipment to accommodate the training and other things involved can become a long distance logistical nightmare.

Online training allows more flexibility for both instructors and the students.  Students can attend the online training from the comfort of their own home, office, or other venues.  All that is needed is an internet connection.  Students can participate in the training using a laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone, or similar devices.

Texas Notary Public Loan Signing Agent Course (LSAC)

Texas notaries and those in surrounding areas, interested in becoming Loan Signing Agents, can now take a live hands-on course both in a classroom or instructor-led live webinar.

It is recommended but not required that you complete the Texas Notary Public Hands-On Training Workshop and Texas Notary Hands-On Advanced Course prior to completing the signing agent training.

This course is ideal for those looking to start a full time or part-time business.

What is a Notary Signing Agent?

According to the National Notary Association (NNA):
A Notary signing agent is hired as an independent contractor to ensure that real estate loan documents are executed by the borrower, notarized, and returned for processing on time. Completing this critical part of the loan process enables the loan to be funded.

What is the Texas Notary Notary Public Loan Signing Agent Course (LSAC)?

We train notaries to specifically handle and notarize real estate loan documents.  Notary signing agents are the last link in the real estate loan closing process that legitimizes the closing documents to complete the loan.
This all-day hands-on training consists of two sections.

In the first section, we cover what exactly a Loan Signing Agent does, expectations, training, what is needed to get your business up and running, and more:


• Definitions & Terminology
• Expectations of a Loan Signing Agent
• Training (What you need to know)
• Mentorship
• Equipment – Tools to get started
• Supplies needed to get started
• Suggested Software & Business Applications
• Accounting and other Admin Duties
• Recommended Plans
• Business Operations
• Marketing
• Customers
• The Signing Preparation Process
• The Signing Process
• After The Signing
• And More.


• We go through an entire loan closing package, page by page.

Texas Notary Public Professional Loan Signing Agent Course with Mentorship Option for Texas Notary Public Professional Loan Signing Agent Course Students is a 6-week program that consists of weekly assignments, and six 30-minute weekly audio/visual sessions.

Once purchased, the Mentoring program is available for 60 days after completion of the Texas Notary Public Professional Loan Signing Agent Course. In other words, you will get 60 days to complete the 6-week program and 30-minute mentoring sessions (6 audio/visual sessions).

***ONLINE SPANISH NOTARY2PRO SIGNING AGENT COURSE WITH MENTORING ~ SPECIAL PRICE, Notary Signing Agent Course ~ Advanced Course ~ Reverse Mortgage ~ Mentoring Includes: Exam, Certification, Library Access, Resource Manual
3-month course access (plus remaining month of signup)
FEE: $150* no expiration on mentoring only. This course is offered online only by Notary2Pro Owner Carol Ray


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